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P.E., Registered Civil Engineer


John Hacker has been licensed since 1964, with a total of over 42 years of engineering and management experience including civil engineering design, construction administration, right-of-way engineering, and inspection.  He has provided engineering for numerous subdivisions, street assessment and sewer districts, recreational vehicle parks, mobile home parks and condominium projects.


Mr. Hacker had built an excellent reputation over the years and won several design awards including the 1993 Leading Edge Design Competition Award and Building Innovation Home Ownership award in 1997 for his steel frame design.  Hacker also co-authored a book, “Residential Steel Design and Construction” published by McGraw Hill in 1998. He has donated many hours of pro bono work for various organizations and received the Angel Network Award from Oprah for his work with Habitat for Humanity.




University of California and University of Colorado




  • City of Rancho Mirage, AD 10-79 Street Improvement Plan, design of street improvement plan, construction staking and field supervision.

  • City of Palm Springs, Sewer Assessment District District 143, Area D, sewer design, cost estimating, assessment breakdown and surveying

  • Outdoor Resorts of America Projects, 1320 Recreational Vehicle Resort with two 18 hole Golf Courses, Cathedral City and Indio

  • United States Post Office, 5 Year Feasibility Study Contract

  • Mesquite Country Club, 600 Condo and 18 hole Golf Course, Palm Springs

  • Portofino  Laguna,200 home development, Laguna Beach, California

  • Miracle Acres Mobile Home Park, Desert Hot Springs, 50 Spaces.  Corkhill Palms Mobile Home Park, Desert Hot Springs, 80 Spaces.  Langlois Mobile Home Park, Desert Hot Springs, 150 spaces.  Vista Mobile Home Park, 300 Spaces.

  • Mystic Hills, 150 home development, Laguna Beach

  • Anaheim Business Park, commercial and professional buildings

  • Jiffy Lube, Oceanside, Cathedral City & La Quinta, commercial developments

  • Coachella Valley Housing, 200 lot subdivision in Mecca, six acre site in Mecca, subdivision Don English Way in Desert Hot Springs





Project Manager & Surveyor, LSIT


Mr. Gorges has over 29 years of civil engineering design, surveying and project management experience.  Mr. Gorges has extensive experience in preparation of parcel maps, tract, maps, grading plans, street improvement plans, sewer and storm drainage plans, as well as using total stations in gathering various topography information, boundary surveys and construction staking on public and private sector projects. He also has office experience in the preparation of legal descriptions, centerline retracement and photogrammetry conrol.


He is proficient in AutoCAD, TDS data collection, Softdesk, and TFR Mapping.




St. Martins College, Lacey, Washington

Rancho Sanitago College, Santa Ana, California

Pacific Land Seminars




Land Surveyor Association of California




  • Outdoor Resorts, Cathedral City, Indio and Aguanga, boundary and mapping along with construction staking and coordination.

  • Mesquite Country Club, Palm Springs, site design, boundary ALTA Survey and construction surveying and coordination

  • Coachella Valley Housing Coalition, Mecca, boundary, aerial survey control, construction staking and management.

  • Habitat for Humanity, Palm Desert, Cathedral City & Desert Hot Springs, boundary and topographic survey, right of way dedication, and construction coordination and management.

  • City of Pacific LID, No. 3, data collection, construction staking and sewer design.

  • South Prairie Recreation Vehicle Park, South Prairie, boundary and topographic survey, septic system design, and recreation vehicle lot layout.

  • City of Baldwin Park, Street Improvement District, 48 streets with the City, for reconstruction AC overlayment.

  • City of Oceanside, Redevelopment of District on Myers Street, San Miguel Condominiums

  • Walgreens, Vista, Cathedral City and Yucca Valley, boundary and design along with construction staking and an ALTA survey.




Designer & Project Manager


Dan Hacker has over 20 years civil engineering experience for small and large commercial projects, residential developments, recreational vehicle parks and condominium projects.


Mr. Hacker has performed engineering, design and drafting in the development of plans and specifications of assigned projects which include street works, sewer, storm drain, grading plans for residential and commercial sites, and site improvements. He has prepared tentative tract/parcel maps from conceptual to approval and preparation of improvement plans required for final tract map recordation.


Mr. Hacker has extensive knowledge and experience in the use PC computer systems and its operations; including AutoCAD, DCA/Softdesk Civil Engineering Design and Surveying software; knowledge of Civilsoft COGO applications and 3-D Designing.





  • Outdoor Resorts of America, Indio and Cathedral City, preparation of tentative tract map from conceptual to approval, plans and specifications for grading, water, sewer and street improvements.

  • City of Palm Springs, Sewer Assessment District 143, Area D, preparation of sewer plan

  • City of Rancho Mirage, AD 10-79, preparation of street improvement plan

  • Six Kids Construction, Spa Resort, Desert Hot Springs, preparation of precise grading plans

  • Arco Gas Station, Palm Springs, prepared grading, street, water, sewer plans

  • Oleander and Monroe Business Parks, Indio, preparation of precise grading plans, hydrology.

  • Walgreens, Yucca Valley, precise grading plans and street improvement plans

  • Vanhuissen Brett, 200 lot subdivision, tentative and final tract maps, preparation plans and specifications for street, water and sewer design.

  • John Hardy Jones, 20 acre subdivision, tentative and final tract maps, including grading, street, water and sewer design



Julie Gorges

Finance Manager

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